Video Production

Certified Video Deposition

Video Depositions are much more likely to keep your audience attention. Moreover, good printed testimony of a credible witness can become great testimony, when seen as a video.

Family & Friends Interview

Let the ones closest to you tell your story. Interviewing those who are affected by your life changes, will help the audience understand how  your life altering event has effected the ones nearest to you.

A Day In The Life Video

Let us show your clients story to the audience. Giving the audience 10-20 minutes consisting of the beginning, middle, and end, will help them understand the changes your client has endured.

Video / Audio Editing

Post-production Editing is all about options, so shooting to edit is all about variety. Let us give you ALL the options. "Shoot with a Safety Net"

Site Inspection

They say "A picture speaks a thousand words" let us help you speak a million.