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Psyoptic Studios offer an array of legal video production services.  Let one of our video professionals help build a visual strategy to support your case.

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Certified Video Deposition

Video depositions are effective in capturing an audience’s attention. Moreover, a good printed testimony of a credible witness can become a great testimony, when seen as a video.

Filmed depositions capture the witness’s facial expressions, pause, change in voice tone and mannerisms that can't be seen on a deposition transcript. Such subtleties can make or break a case.

The video produced can also be used for forensic purposes as well as a medium for witnessing a signing of contract or declaration.

Our unique equipment and style allows us to quickly set-up and begin your deposition on time and in high-quality. 

Site Inspection

Our team will work with you on location and make an accurate record of the site. We will work closely with officials at the scene, engineers and attorneys to deliver the best possible images that tell the whole story.

We're prepared for any condition or remote shoot locations. Our video inspections can be used in cases such as premises liability, product liability, faulty design, vehicle tests, and eminent domain cases.

Our team of professionals will measure the product or places be it day or night, inspections on-site, interiors, vehicles, properties, under water, outdoors, and products.


"A Day In The Life Of" Video

Court admissible collection of video clips are usually admitted into evidence during the testimony of a spouse or caregiver.  The presentation typically does not include any pre-recorded commentary and is narrated live from the witness stand. Because the material is shot with the intent of being shown to a jury, the unedited camera tapes are generally discover-able and must be shot with great care and high quality.

All of our Day in the Life video are shot with professionalism, broadcast quality cameras and edited with top of the line software.

Providing the audience with a visual narrative from beginning to end will help them understand what your client had to endure.

Friends & Family Interviews

Interviewing family and friends is one of the best ways to help the audience understand how the plaintiff's injury really affected their surrounding life.

The video professionals at Psyoptic Studios have successfully interviewed thousands of witnesses on-camera for documentaries. We’re skilled at bringing out the information and emotion needed to help the audience understand what the plaintiff case is all about.

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Video Editing

Post production editing is key to creating compelling and powerful trial evidence. 

The professionals at Psyoptic Studios have years of experience as well as use up-to-date editing software to create effective visual documentation for reports, trial,  etc.

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