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The team at Psyoptic Studios have been providing quality and state-of-the-art legal media production and trial support services to a number of lucrative clientele specializing in civil litigation.  Based in San Jose, CA,  Psyoptic Studios has worked on various cases providing trial technicians, demonstratives, and other trial services all over California and New York.

Advances in technology have changed the way legal professionals  present their cases.  Our team’s  objective is to provide our clients with the cutting- edge tools they need to focus on confidently presenting effective and accurate information.

Meet Richie DeMarco

Founder of Psyoptic Studios, LLC / Helping Law Firms Increase Profits through Innovative Trial Technology /  Expert in Trial Technology, Exhibit Preparation, and Litigation Support.  

As the founder of Psyoptic Studios, I am transforming the legal industry by providing my clients with the crucial tools they need to present complex information in a cohesive and essentially, a more accessible way.  

I assist law firms in integrating visual technology into their operations to increase profits by saving time and increasing resources. Our trial technician’s approach produces dynamic exhibits and presentations that significantly enhance a trial presentation's experience.Just as a library curates and organizes a colossal collection of information so you can find what you need -  I use my experience and tech to make complex legal information more understandable and persuasive for juries 

With my expertise in litigation and design, I create libraries of evidence that are easy to find, understand and navigate. This allows lawyers to invest more of their time and energy into building and winning compelling cases. 

I thrive on increasing a law firm's workflow and efficiency. And as a business owner, I am driven to see those around me grow.  By developing my business, I know I help my employees and clients enjoy an optimized work life.  

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